Byron Bay Malibu Club inc.

The Byron Bay Malibu Club is now into it's 30th year - and still going strong.

We are in the process of presenting a bit of the club's history and historical photos - as well what's happening within the club at the moment - in a series of pages and photo galleries on this site.

Take the links at the top of each page to wander back to the beginnings of the club, or catch up with the present happenings within the club via the monthly Pointscore reviews (with photos when applicable).

The About page provides an overview of the club and it’s emergence as a fundraiser for the local community.

From the Monthly Pointscores page, you can view the placegettings and review of each event. There may also be photos available - provided a camera was on hand at the time.

The History page will take you back to the beginnings of the club - a time when you could shoot a canon down the main street  of Byron Bay and not hit anyone.

The Albums page contains a collection of photo albums associated with the club and it’s members.

The Historical Photos section contains (at the moment) over 500  photos from 1980 onwards - separated into albums. Not very many surfing photos in them - they are mainly of the social side, as well as the finalists and presentations of selected Classics. (Names have been omitted from all photos - to protect the innocent!).

Photos presented throughout the site have come from members of the club - past and present - including -

  1. Max & Yvonne Pendergast

  2. the Comptons

  3. Gilesy

  4. the Reids

  5. the Keevers

  6. Julie Anderson

  7. Alan Atkins

  8. Mike Young

  9. -and some more to be identified.

  10. -

  11. -There are also photos of the  2008 Classic on Peter Gibney's  website.


The Next Club Pointscore is -

Sunday 8th August


7am Check-in